Making Change Happen

So, a valuable lesson learned today! So often, as senior leaders in school, we are tasked with changing something: making it better… solving the problem. But how do we do this?

It is easy I suppose to act like a doctor. First we diagnose the problem then we apply the plaster or pass around the medication (like we learned at medical school) and thus the problem is solved. At least until the plaster falls off.

There is a problem here though. First we are assuming that we really understand the problem. What if no-one else thinks there is a problem? Or they think it is a different problem? Secondly, our solution is just that… our solution. If we turned the problem into a question or a hypothesis then all our staff would be able to be involved in the diagnosis.

By facilitating this, our staff would then be able to drive that school improvement themselves. They would have full ownership over the idea and surely then the chances of energetic, enthusiastic and sustained improvement are more likely.

As a side point, if it is the teachers themselves driving the change then they are more likely to be open to being accountable for it.

So something to remember…




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